Surviving as an artist is almost impossible. Except if you do one thing.

The problem is: the vast majority of artists don't take this necessary step.

In the meanwhile, they keep the same strategy that NEVER works.

Nowadays, everyone can be a creator. Which means you're in competition with the whole world.

That's a lot of people... and this is precisely why being an artist today is SO difficult.

Even if you have talent, you can literally spend your life waiting for something to happen... that will NEVER happen.

But there's still one small step that makes the difference. Whether you're a singer, actor, writer... or any kind of artist.

This is not something new. This is not a useless app or a magical technology. This is not a stupid innovative platform.

No. The small step that makes the difference is in fact a very old technique.

You know what all famous artists & creators have in common?

Everyone talks about them. All the time. Everywhere. That's free publicity.

Ok. But you must say to yourself: well, they're already famous...

There's actually one way to be "talked about" without being famous. Press coverage.

Press coverage is the only way to get publicity when you're not well-known yet.

Press coverage is the ONLY method which can transform your life as an artist.

You thought social media were your main goal to create the buzz. You're wrong.

The major problem with social media is saturation. It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to emerge when millions of other creators are trying to get noticed.

It can basically take your whole life to gain 5k or even 50k followers on social media. And even there, you would still be quite unknown.

Press coverage is the only shortcut. The one that will make you noticed in a short period of time.

Ok. But it's still hard to get press coverage... that's right.

Media outlets want the buzz. And they prefer covering people that are already... known.

You could actually get press coverage today. Yes: today.

Media outlets produce two kinds of content: "regular" articles and "sponsored" articles.

They all have the same power: getting your work noticed as an artist.

We offer press coverage services for artists like you.

You could get an interview or an article about your work... today. Or tomorrow.

Are you ready to move to the next level?

It's time to act before it's too late.